November/December 2018

Theodora Stathopoulos What's New

November/December 2018 — As the school year begins, students at each Encore!Sistema Quebec (ESQ) site begin to either learn their instrument for the first time or review what they have learned and challenge themselves to strive for further success as they prepare performances for their schools and communities.

We are proud and excited to present the following concerts in the month of December 2018:

  • Tuesday, December 18 4:30pm at Karonhianonha School in Kahnawake, QC in partnership with the Kahnawake Education Center with elementary and highschool students from Karonhianonha School, Kateri School, and Kahnawake Survivor School.
  • Wednesday, December 19 12:00pm at St. Gabriel Elementary School in Pointe-Sainte-Charles in partnership and with students from St. Gabriel Elementary School.
  • Thursday, December 20 6:00pm at the Cafeteria in Centre-William Hingston in Parc-Extension in partnership with PEYO (Parc-Extension Youth Organization) with students from the Parc-Extension Community.