Message from the Director

It is with great pride and enthusiasm that we announce the creation of Encore! Sistema Quebec/Programme musical Encore!Sistema Québec; Quebec’s first and only independent organization exclusively dedicated to delivering El Sistema – inspired programs to Quebec’s children and youth.

Encore!Sistema’s design aims to meet social objectives and serves as a direct solution to problems such as bullying and violence. Through Encore!Sistema we aspire to support teachers, inspire administrators, engage parents and families, build communities, sustain partners and help students achieve their full potential.

What’s New
Encore! Sistema Quebec is thrilled to be offering a new hybrid online/in situ music program as part our COVID-19 pandemic strategy.
Our new adapted program includes: Private music Lessons (on-line), Group Lessons (including orchestra
and/or band), Note Reading/Music Theory, Musical Creation/Songwriting, and a Body and Rhythm program.

Please click here for program details and the registration form.
Please note that spaces are limited. Priority will be given to students registered in the program last year.

Please return form to
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Our board of directors, staff and team of tutors and teachers are passionate about music, children and education and are strong believers in the transformative effects produced when those elements are combined under the guidance of caring professionals.


I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all our supporters, donors and sponsors for their tremendous dedication, trust and support.

I invite you all to join me in this musical journey to witness the transformation and discover a world of hope and wonder through the achievements of our participating students. Please sign up to receive our newsletter, come to our concerts and follow us on Facebook.

Looking forward to staying connected with all of you.

Theodora Stathopoulos, Program Director, Founder and Chair of the Board