Encore!Sistema Quebec is Quebec’s first and only independent not-for-profit organization exclusively dedicated to delivering El Sistema – inspired programs to Quebec’s children and youth.

Music…. has the power of forming the character and should, therefore, be introduced into the education of the young.


Delivery of the Encore! Sistema Program


  • Established on strong pedagogical foundation by music educators
  • Positive group learning experiences
  • Peer-to-peer instruction
  • Strong support of the program from competent, qualified music professionals, administrators and community partners
  • Welcomes children with behavioural/social difficulties and seeks to engage them through an enriching musical experience

Our aim is to provide structured musical learning activities inspired and guided by fundamental values of the El Sistema movement, namely: social development of children through music education; group musical instruction; program accessibility and connection to the participants’ community (Govias 2011)

By combining direct instruction and by sharing and providing immediate feedback, the following goals are achieved:

  • Lively classrooms full of orderly fun
  • Students respond to challenges
  • Students enjoy well-designed learning games
  • Students make astonishing musical progress

Enrichment Opportunities

  • Fiddling
  • Orchestra
  • Multi-lingual learning environments
  • Traditional Mohawk singing (Kahnawake site)
  • Choir and body percussion
  • Outings
  • High-profile performance opportunities
  • High level of community involvement
  • Regional and national collaborations