February 2021

Theodora Stathopoulos What's New

Wow! The ESQ online program has been running since October, and the time has flown by! Our enthusiastic students and dedicated teachers have been meeting online for weekly private instrument lessons and classes that include music theory, music creation, body and rhythm, and more!

The students and teachers have been adapting and finding new ways to make music and be creative during the pandemic. Students have also been learning how to use SmartMusic for their lessons. Students, parents, and teachers attended valuable online training sessions in order to learn how to use online tools. Congratulations to everyone! We are so grateful to our parents, partners, donors, and the ESQ Board of Directors for their continued support of our program.

Here are a few screenshots of some of our students and teachers having fun in ESQ online classes!

1. Making music on their instruments during music creation class!

2. Wow! Look at the students’ beautiful art that was inspired by music. They’re so creative!


We will be presenting a virtual concert of our amazing students in February! Students will show their skills on their instruments, and there will be other presentations of students’ work in their ESQ classes. The students and teachers can’t wait to share this great work with all of the parents, friends, and supporters of ESQ!

Stay tuned for more details!

New Team Member

ESQ team member Suzu Enns has been working with Sistema-inspired programs across Canada. It has been such a great opportunity to share resources and support each other during these challenging times.

See the screenshot of Suzu and other program representatives hard at work!