Encore! Sistema is celebrating its 10 year anniversary

Audrey Dounavis In the media, Kahnawake, Public appearences, What's New

Encore! Sistema Québec (ESQ) is proud to be entering its 11th year of partnerships with the Kahnawake Education Centre (KEC). During these past 10 years, 367 Elementary School students and 15 High School students have registered to participate in the extra-curricular music program. Although for some of the students it was a short stay, their participation enabled them to try out new string instruments, participate in a concert, sing and experience the euphoric feeling of playing along professional musicians in a professional venue. For others, the ESQ program lasted most of their elementary and high school years and was a place where they found a friend in a teacher or another student. Through the ESQ program, some of those students discovered a hidden talent and a way to express themselves unleashing their creativity through the language of art and music.

The 2022-2023 Sistema music program for students in elementary school is up and running out of Kateri School. It is the first time since the unset of the pandemic that the face to face program is offered and we are thrilled with the unprecedented number of students who registered!