Meet Madison and Emily!

As the school year draws to a close, we proudly introduce Madison and Emily, two accomplished graduates from our St-Gabriel site, whose heartfelt testimonials reveal the profound influence of music education in shaping their identities and showcasing its transformative power.

Let’s start by introducing Emily, an enthusiastic member of our St-Gabriel program, who, during her five-year journey, has cultivated her passion for music, igniting a burgeoning aspiration to pursue a future career as a musician. Reflecting on her journey, she expresses, “Playing music fills me with a deep sense of joy, becoming an integral part of my identity.” Emily’s dedication has not only enhanced her musical talent but has also played a significant role in her personal growth. When she was younger, Emily struggled with shyness and found it difficult to communicate with others. However, through her participation in Encore! Sistema’s program, not only has she overcome her shyness, but she has also developed a deep love for performing in front of enthusiastic audiences. Emily’s journey stands as a testament to the transformative power of music, not only in her musical abilities but also in her personal growth and development.

Now, let’s turn our attention to Madison, whose entire primary school journey has been accompanied by the steadfast companionship of the Encore! Sistema program, growing into supportive community or belonging and inspiration for her. Over the years, her unwavering dedication and commitment have propelled her to become a flourishing musician. Reflecting on her experience, she beautifully describes music as a magical thread that weaves through her life, connecting her dreams and bringing endless joy. Madison acknowledges the challenges she encounters, particularly in playing slow, sustained melodies while synchronizing with others. However, her passion for music drives her to persevere. With resolute determination, she states, “Even though I am graduating from primary school this year, I am committed on returning to Sistema next year. It is more than just a program to me; it is a second home—a place where I can thrive with happiness, ambition, creativity and support. I want to come back to get to play in the orchestra, but also to assist the teachers.”

Let us applaud Madison and Emily for their exceptional dedication and remarkable growth as musicians and individuals. As they transition into high school and embark on new endeavors, we extend our heartfelt wishes for their continued success. The future holds endless possibilities, and we have no doubt that these extraordinary young women will leave their mark as they continue to embrace the power of music and their own incredible potential!